Field Creek Capital LLC, based in Stamford, CT, is a private firm focused primarily on investing in the seed and Series A rounds of early stage companies. Though the firm is largely industry agnostic, focus strategic areas have included B2B marketplaces, database analytics, supply chain SAAS platforms, and certain prescribed B2C solutions. The firm looks to invest in founders where the vision for the company is to become a clarifying and congealing solution to well-defined thorny problems.

Though less of a focus, the firm will also occasionally look at smaller private equity transactions or certain other one-off opportunities.

Field Creek Capital LLC (“FCC”) is not a broker/dealer, is not a finder, is not an investment adviser and does not underwrite, sell or trade securities- -the firm does not explicitly or implicitly seek or accept any of these duties. Rather the firm, for its own behalf only, looks primarily to invest in the seed and Series A financings of early stage companies. The firm does not manage a fund but invests its own capital in each of its transactions. Nothing herein should be construed as an offer, or in any way a commitment, to invest by FCC, its officers, employees, affiliates or any potential co-investors. Any such offer or commitment would be subject to the execution of definitive agreements, among other conditions.