Current Investments

Dynamic IQ Kids Dynepic is creating the world’s only social platform called iOKids that allows brands to easily launch connected toys and apps, while meeting stringent child privacy regulations.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Nulia The Digital Enablement Pioneer. Nulia’s mission is to unlock the value of software and digital technology for organizations, to digitally empower their people so they fulfill their potential. With its portfolio of enablement solutions, Nulia empowers people to use software and digital technologies and become modern digital heroes. The company’s approach is to change the way users use, sellers sell, buyers buy, and developers develop software and digital technology and to unify the ecosystem. Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, the company has a European office in Dublin, Ireland.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pop Up Archivea simple, web-based sound management tool that makes audio searchable and accessible from anywhere, empowering media organizations and recorded sound archives to find, reuse, and monetize audio data. Pop Up Archive is capable of ingesting large amounts of digital sound and providing automated transcripts, keyword extraction, and robust indexing for powerful search and discovery. Also part of the Pop Up platform is, a one-stop search and recommendation engine for podcasts. transcribes, timestamps, tags, clusters, and collects ratings and reviews for thousands of shows.

Note: Investments made by Field Creek Capital or its subsidiaries